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AutoSTAF PhytoPP

AutoSTAF PhytoPP


Chelsea AutoSTAF PhytoPP

Chelsea AutoSTAF PhytoPP


Traditional methods of measuring primary productivity (algae) make acquiring good data for ocean science challenging:

  • Satellite remote sensing methodology is the broadest large-scale method, but produces large errors, requires validation and is unable to probe below the surface
  • Traditional methods such as C14 fixation are slow, expensive laboratory-based processes requiring handling and training protocols for radioisotopes, with extremely long incubation times of 8-24hrs.


Single Turnover Active Fluorometry (STAF) technology, provides a revolutionary new method to enable large-scale PhytoPP assessment. LabSTAF is the first of a range of STAF-based products from Chelsea technologies enabling large-scale analysis:

  • Monitoring phytoplankton primary productivity using latest technology
  • Unparalleled sensitivity allowing for measurements in extreme oligotrophic water
  • Fully automated acquisition for continuous measurements
  • Wide dynamic range providing reliable measurements in open oceans and lakes
  • Advanced corrections as standard seven waveband excitation, baseline subtraction
  • Compact and robust portable unit ideal for research vessels and outdoor locations


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