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Complete Algae Sensor

Complete Algae Sensor


TriLux Complete Algae Sensor from Chelsea Technologies

TriLux Complete Algae Sensor

The TriLux Complete Algae Sensor is the only submersible fluorometer in the market that can simultaneously monitor chlorophyll, phycocyanin, and phycoerythrin. 

Being able to monitor all three of these fluorescent pigments gives the most comprehensive assessment of in vivo phytoplankton dynamics within one compact, affordable, and easy to use platform. If preferred, turbidity can be added to this sensor in place of either phycocyanin or phycoerythrin.

Deploy as a standalone unit for spot sampling or profiling with a Hawk handheld display or set it up for continuous monitoring by connecting to a Watchkeeper datalogger. TriLux can also easily be integrated with 3rd party dataloggers, added to multi-parameter sondes, AUV’s.

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