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Digital Field Microscope

Digital Field Microscope




Digital Field Microscopes | Laboratory Resolution

Portable Digital Field Microscopes

Portable Microscope

ioLight Digital Field Microscope

for algae ID and monitoring

Knowing what types of algae and their concentration is an important first step in better understanding algae dynamics

Our new cutting-edge, high-resolution (< 1μm), pocket ioLight microscopes eliminate the necessity of sending out field samples to the lab for analysis

Save time and money by now sending immediate images via your smartphone or tablet … or do the analysis yourself in the field (or anywhere for that matter!)

Let us help you select the most suitable field microscope for your environmental water quality monitoring application.

* Includes hard case, all supplies needed, and
   free shipping to USA and Canada only


Order an ioLight Digital Field Microscope and receive a FREE hard shell carrying case & all needed supplies for + FREE Shipping

A robust compact case to protect your ioLight microscope in the back of the truck on the way to base camp. The case will accommodate your microscope and charger and includes slides and cover slips to get you started.

ioLight Microscope Case

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1mm (x400) HAB Field Microscope + Hard Case + Shipping, 2mm (x150) HAB Field Microscope + Hard Case + Shipping

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