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MultiParameter Buoy

MultiParameter Buoy


Omnis Smart Water Platform

Omnis Smart Water Platform

The Omnis Smart Water Platform allows for remote, unattended self-charging solar and battery-backed deployment, with 24/7 data broadcast to your phone and user-settable alerts. Everything you need to monitor your water remotely and receive alarms regarding essential water quality parameters. Sensor options include temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, and turbidity. 


Easy Installation
Start receiving data within just 2 minutes of
 opening the box

Solar Powered 
The base unit will run indefinitely over 12 months from the power of the sun

Live Dashboard
Check out all of your data in one handy place using our live data dashboard

OmniSense can send you real time alerts to keep you informed of its status

Wireless Connection
OmniSense uses a number of different communication technologies to ensure your device stays connected at all times

Additional sensors can be added to your OmniSense platform for extra readings

The API can be integrated with existing infrastructure to enable changes to immediately improve water quality

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