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Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity Sensor


UviLux Turbidity Sensor from Chelsea Technologies

UviLux Turbidity Sensor

The UviLux Turbidity Sensor is a lightweight, digital IR sensor providing accurate and repeatable measurements of turbidity.

Designed for compliance with ISO 7027:1999 standards, UviLux Turbidity offers significantly increased functionality when compared to other turbidity sensors.

UviLux Turbidity can be deployed into a wide range of applications including flow-through systems for process monitoring and in-situ monitoring in all kinds of freshwater, coastal, and marine aquatic systems. Its PVC housing is suitable for deploying independently as well as from moored or profiling systems, and submersible vehicles.



  • Designed for compliancy with IS07027:1999
  • High sensitivity
  • Low power consumption/noise
  • User adjustable dynamic range
  • RS232 & analogue output (RS422 option)
  • High rejection of ambient light
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