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Omnis+ Water Monitoring System

The Omnis+ smart water platform provides instant easy access to water quality sensor data from remote, unattended deployments through providing remote power to sensors along with telemetry. Integrate with our TriLux or UviLux sensors to create real-time algae monitoring systems or pollution monitoring systems.  (dimensions: 17.42″ x 13.87″ x 10.16″) 

ClearWater Lab-on-Chip Nutrient Sensors

We proudly provide the ClearWater Sensors line of “Lab-on-Chip” nutrient sensors for nitrate + nitrite, phosphate, silicate, dissolved iron, and even pH! With patented technology developed over the past 20 years at the National Oceanography Centre, these units are field proven with hundreds deployed globally in marine, coastal, and freshwater systems. (dimensions: 6.3″ diameter x 21.6″ length)

TriLux Complete Algae Sensor

The TriLux Complete Algae Sensor from Chelsea Technologies can simultaneously measure in vivo chlorophyll, phycocyanin, and phycoerythrin in one compact, rugged, and versatile three-in-one form factor! Turbidity can also be configured instead of phycocyanin or phycoerythrin. (dimensions: 1.04″ diameter x 5.51″ length)

Calibration-Free pH Sensors

The next generation of pH sensors is here with the new S-Series platform from ANB Sensors (up to 300m) and the new high-accuracy pH sensor from ClearWater Sensors (up to 6000m). These robust sensors are not only calibration-free, but are also available in integrated or stand-alone form factors.

UviLux Wastewater Sensors

The UviLux Wastewater sensors from Chelsea Technologies are designed for real-time, in situ detection of wastewater pollution in aquatic systems. Available with optics for Tryptophan-like Fluorescence (TLF) or Optical Brighteners. (dimensions: 2.76″ diameter x 5.87″ length)

UviLux Oil in Water Sensors

The UviLux Oil in Water sensors from Chelsea Technologies are designed for real-time, in situ detection of oil in water pollution in aquatic systems. Available with optics specific for crude oil or refined fuels. (dimensions: 2.76″ diameter x 5.87″ length)

UviLux CDOM & Turbidity Sensors

The UviLux CDOM and Turbidity sensors from Chelsea Technologies are designed for real-time, in situ detection of colored dissolved organic matter fluorescence as well as light scatter from particles in water.  Both of these parameters are indicators of change in aquatic systems and provide optical insights into the water bodies being monitored.

LabSTAF Algae Health Monitor

The Chelsea Technologies Single Turnover Active Fluorometry (STAF) measures phytoplankton primary productivity (PhytoPP). Unparalleled sensitivity with a wide dynamic range allowing for measurements in all environments.

FastBallast Compliance Monitor

The Chelsea Technologies FastBallast is a quick, cost-effective, accurate, and easy to use instrument for rapid on-board testing of treated ballast water to ensure compliance with the IMO D-2 & USCG Discharge Standards. 

UniLux Dye Tracing Sensors

UniLux is a low cost, miniature fluorometer for monitoring Rhodamine WT or Fluorescein tracer dyes for water movement insights, time series studies, and related applications.

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