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We are proud to supply the environmental water quality monitoring community with the Chelsea Technologies line of fluorometers, the ClearWater Sensors line of “Lab-on-Chip” field nutrient sensors, and the ANB Sensors line of calibration-free pH sensors!

Originally developed at the National Oceanography Centre (where over 200 units were built for deployment around the world), the ClearWater Lab-on-Chip range uses patented flow cell technology to create miniaturized sensitive and robust submersible chemical sensors that can be deployed in all liquid water environments.

The sensors draw in sample water from the environment, pass it through a filter, mix it with appropriate chemicals, and measure the resulting color change using LEDs and photodiodes. All chemical waste is stored onboard the user-swappable reagent canister.

This results in sensors that can be deployed for extended periods (up to 1-year), conducting high-quality laboratory-grade measurements. The range currently consists of sensors for phosphate, nitrate, silicate, dissolved iron and pH.

Yes! ANB Sensors have developed a novel technology looking at a solution to the current resource taxing method from a completely new angle. They have seen ways to delay reference electrode drift, or in some cases predicting it, but it can’t be stopped entirely as it is intrinsic to the sensor. So instead, ANB have come up with a novel way to track the drift, thereby allowing the sensor to self-calibrate.

It works by placing a second electrode into the reference chamber, alongside the reference electrode. This reference tracking electrode periodically measures for any drift in the reference electrode and then automatically compensates for this in the pH measurement.

We are excited to provided the stand-alone, solid-state line of pH sensors from ANB Sensors!

We are built on 20+ years of experience in the oceanographic and environmental water quality monitoring industries. Servicing North & South America with cutting edge technologies and field knowledge.

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